Our Philosophy
Whether a single computer at home or a large corporation with networked sites across international boundaries, your technology should work seamlessly together. The computer revolution was supposed to make things easier, not harder. Baku Technologies understands that you need things to work without fuss, like a toaster. If you don't need a full time IT department or if you have a special project that needs specialized assistance, Baku Technologies has the resources and skills to help.

Multi-Platform Integration
Do you need your Apple-based users and Windows-based users to be able to access a Unix server in another room, state, or country? Believe it - all your users can work together, share files, and collaborate. Baku Technologies has the multi-platform integration experience needed in today’s small and large businesses.

Home/Home Office
Some of the same problems that affect big companies are the problems that affect you. You need a reliable internet connection, you need security, you need your computer to work with the scanner, camera, and printer. But unlike a big company, you don't have an IT department that can do research on the right solutions for your needs. You also don't have a big budget to keep things operating. Baku Technologies has years of experience and knowledge that will help you get your home/home office reliably connected and operating.

Experience & Knowledge
Lots of people will say they can work on both PCs and Macs, but few have the experience and certifications to back it up. They will act like they are the magicians of the Internet age, constantly hiding what they do, saying it's too complicated or technical. This is not how Baku Technologies operates.

Holding active certifications from Apple Computer (ACTC), Microsoft (MCSE), and Juniper Networks and a member of both the Apple Consultants Network and a Microsoft Certified Partner, Baku Technologies is independently certified as having the knowledge required to work on multiple platforms. Ten years of experience working for businesses small and large, in multiple industries, as well as for home offices and home computers has reinforced the book learning with hands-on experience as to what will actually work for your needs and your solutions.

These are your computers, your network. Nothing that is done on them by Baku Technologies should be a mystery to you. Baku Technologies will explain what needs to be done, before doing it; show you what is being done, as it happens; and answer any questions afterwards, so that you are comfortable in the knowledge that your computers or network project has been completed fully. No smoke - no mirrors.

Certified by:

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer


Clayton Morris
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